Occupational Therapy for Children - Services
I offer a thorough assessment (lasting approximately 1 ½ hours).  
This consists of standardised tests if necessary, and clinical and informal observations of the child whilst carrying out a range of fun and functional activities.  Prior to the assessment I ask parents to complete a short questionnaire to provide me with more information regarding their child’s difficulties (this also avoids having to ask too many questions in front of the child during the assessment).

I aim to produce a concise but thorough report within ten days of the assessment, often sooner.

In addition, I include a comprehensive treatment plan for the child and encourage parents to incorporate this into daily life at home, and to pass copies of the report and treatment plan to school.

I also offer blocks of treatment sessions.  This may be a one-off session to demonstrate the activities suggested in the treatment plan, or say, a block of six sessions to target specific difficulties.

If necessary, I can undertake school visits to liaise with staff regarding OT interventions and strategies for a child.

The pictures on this website show a sample of the types of activities that a child may do.
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